There Is So Much More

If I had kept my eye on the calendar, it would not have been that much of a surprise; pulling into the J’s very full parking lot for a morning meeting should also have given it away. But it took walking into the JCC that morning, where I had to dodge a phalanx of eager […]

The Strength of Community

Though I’ve only been writing these columns from Scottsdale for a few months, careful – or even not-so-careful – readers have probably deduced some of my central motifs. I don’t need to yell out “Spoiler Alert” to tell you that Israel – and more than that small sliver of land in the Middle East, but […]

Words, and Meanings

Although this column will be sent out on Friday the 29th, it’s being written on Wednesday, about eight hours before the beginning of the observance of Yom HaShoah (“Holocaust Remembrance Day”). As with most things, the choice of language is not merely important; it provides insight into our values. I circled Holocaust Remembrance Day within quotation marks […]

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom.

Oasis’ 9th Grade class will Explore New York City. Highlights include: the Lower East Side, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, the U.N. and the National 9/11 Memorial. They’ll meet with the Israeli delegation to the U.N., and take in a Broadway musical.  Our 10th Grade class will Visit our Nation’s Capital. Highlights: a Capital Hill […]


That long sigh some of you may have heard this week was the sound I released as I – finally – moved into my new office in the JCC. Not that I’ve minded working out of an apartment on a sturdy-and-lightweight (it says so in the ad) fold-up table from Costco, but there’s just something […]

The Schools We Really Want

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the information flow today; staying current with articles and thought pieces and journal entries (I’m not even including old-school, real live books) is like drinking from a firehose – you can drown in what is actually a life-sustaining act. So I was particularly glad that a recent piece […]

Check out recent Jewish News article on The Oasis School Pioneering Class

JCC Class Room

We were thrilled to be highlighted in the most recent issue of the Jewish News.  We are excited and encouraged by the community’s response and the enthusiastic applicants for our pioneering class, which will begin classes in the Fall of 2022.  View the Jewish News The Oasis School, located at the Ina Levine Jewish Community […]

A bit different – but completely the same

Three weeks and three different shuls – three different siddurim, three very different darshanim (the person delivering the commentary on the weekly parasha), three equally carb-heavy (but tasty) Kiddush spreads. I love feeling attached and connected to a particular synagogue community; there’s nothing like seeing people so often that they become your second family. At the same time, for years I’ve enjoyed a […]

Assume nothing.

I can now say that I’ve experienced Phoenician and Tucsonian Shabbatot (I hope I have those Arizonan adjectives right). A wonderful family and a lovely Shabbat dinner were my reward for a pretty easy drive (I’m still a Californian at heart – two hours on the highway is just a warmup). As the house wasn’t exactly situated in the […]

Tomer Rothschild joins the Board of Trustees

Tomer Rothschild

Tomer is an entrepreneur in international education and the Co-Founder of Elite Scholars of China, a boutique college advisory firm. Having moved to Phoenix in early 2020, Tomer is a member of Congregation Beth Tefillah and Or Tzion, and a proud Pardes Jewish Day School parent. Tomer serves as a Board Member of Camp Ramah […]