what does an oasis education look like?

Similar to other “start-up” high schools, the applicants for Oasis’ first class are indeed pioneers. They will benefit from instruction that is individualized for each student, and they will help to create traditions that will be followed by generations of students who follow them. Another word for pioneer? Leaders.

Core academic courses

English: literature, poetry, composition
History: world civilization, European history, U.S. history, government
Mathematics: algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, statistics
Science: biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, physics

Jewish Studies

Tanach: Jewish foundations and identity formation
Mishna: Transforming Biblical Judaism into Rabbinic Judaism
Turning inward or outward: our response to our history
Israel and Zionism


For Oasis, Hebrew is not considered a “foreign language.” It is the quintessential gate-opener to Jewish engagement and Jewish knowledge, and as such, is a four-year requirement for all students.

World language

We are consulting with language acquisition experts to determine which language/s will be offered to our students. At this time, we are considering Spanish, Mandarin and Russian.

Visual and Performing Arts

Public speaking, Theater & Instrumental music


Electives being considered include: Debate; Model U.N.; Robotics; Social Media Awareness

An Oasis education is anchored by three meta-goals:

Literacy, Competency & Relevancy

Clearly, our core courses and co-curricular program are designed to provide the literacy and competency our students require, and will prepare them for the most highly regarded colleges and universities. Relevancy – the ‘why’ in education – is the most powerful motivator for learning – and retaining – the knowledge they have gained.

In addition to our formal educational program:

One-on-one advisory.

All students will have an advisor, above and beyond their classroom educators. Advisors will meet with their advisees weekly, offering an opportunity for a confidential check-in.

A “real world” experience in the community.

Students will be offered an opportunity to observe and experience how the workplace really works.

Integrated curricula and team teaching.

The best education isn’t in vacuum-sealed “silos” anymore; it’s when teachers build a unit of study together, providing their students with wisdom, not just knowledge.
For Oasis, integrated curricula includes the integration of Jewish Studies with General Studies, just as it does for core academic subjects and the performing arts.

Honors and AP Instruction.

Oasis believes in challenging our students, and providing the level of instruction that is appropriate for the individual learner. In that light, we are committed to Honors instruction in every grade, and advanced (“leveled”) instruction in Hebrew. Similarly, AP instruction will also be available for those students who warrant that level of advanced study.

Senior Capstone Project.

A unit that includes a Monday-Thursday off-campus internship, and Friday on-campus meetings with the student’s mentor/advisor. A presentation to the school community, developed in a variety of media and formats, is an essential component.

P.E. /Athletics.

Sports and athletics in general are enormously important, for physical health, for socialization and for developing a teen’s self-esteem. While there are many team sports that are geared to smaller schools (cross country, volleyball), we are also exploring means by which our students will be able to participate with other schools’ students in other competitive sports. Oasis recognizes that athletics and co-curricular programs are as valuable as core academic subjects for a high school student’s growth and development.

College Guidance.

Identifying and building a path to colleges and universities that are right for every individual. Students will explore their post-high school objectives, and will be provided advice regarding personal essays and other aspects of the college admissions process.

Extended Israel Experience.

Oasis is considering various Israel experiences that will continue the students’ formal education, while providing them with invaluable travel and “mifgashim” (encounters) with Israeli peers.

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